Best Digital Gear Bags Review in 2021

About digital gear bag

The first time you bought your digital camera you may have been satisfied with a small gear bag that could hold the camera and the lens. However, with time as you developed yourself as a photographer you learned that a small bag is not enough to hold the different gears that you need to carry along with you. What can be the best help? A digital gear bag.

For a professional cameraman it is necessary that they have the right gears along with them while they shoot. In order to carry a tripod, lenses, exposure meter, lens cleaner and other gears they need something that is perfect and will safely handle all the gears. The best thing for this is a gear bag that has different pockets and sections for the varied gears a photographer uses.

Whether it’s keeping the memory cards safely or placing the flash at the right place, a gear bag plays a major role. Most of them are waterproof that makes it certain that even if the photographer is travelling without looking at the weather, the digital gear bag is going to take care of things. Knowing more about a few of them will help someone who carries a lot of gear along with their DSLR camera.

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Product Name User Rating Price Buy It On Amazon

Explorer Tactical Gear Bag

4.7/5 $$ Buy It On Amazon

USA GEAR Digital Bag

4.4/5 $$ Buy It On Amazon

Beschoi Waterproof Camera Bag

4.3/5 $$ Buy It On Amazon

TOUGH-XL Hard-Body Bag

4.4/5 $$ Buy It On Amazon

GOgroove Full-Size DSLR Bag 

4.2/5 $$ Buy It On Amazon

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Why you should need a best digital gear bag

Just type the keyword ‘best digital gear bag’ and you will get numerous choices out there. There are ones that are good enough for someone carrying only a few gears and there are others that are best for professionals with multi lenses and even DSLRs. It’s necessary that you get the best digital gear bag because

  • To safeguard the costly gears

Sometimes the lenses that you carry are costlier then the DSLR camera itself and thus you can understand why it’s important that they are handled safely! There are different gears used by a photographer, while some of them are costly others are very small. It is necessary that these gears are handled safely especially when the photographer is travelling. The best gear bags ensures that the gears are kept safely and there are no risk of any damages to them.

  • Space for holding the extras

Whether you are commuting or doing photography at your place there are many small items that needs care and must be kept properly. When you use the best digital gear bags you know that there are spaces within for even a small memory card, apart from those for tripod and power bank. Thus, you get the extra space for holding everything at a safe place.

  • Provides security and flexibility

A good digital gear bag has a number of pockets as well as number of fastening points. All this makes them best for providing a secure place where you can keep the gears. The fastening points makes it possible for you to carry it as you like, especially when you are travelling. While travelling its utmost important that you know how to keep the things properlyand handle them with care. This is only possible when you have the best gear bag. Using anything that is available in the market may have the safest features that will keep things in place inside the box.

  • Make sure you are having the best

Apart from all other reasons of using the best digital gear bag you need to use one because you and your digital camera gears deserves the best. You need to ensure that you are giving the best that will keep everything at their best condition. If there is little bit of moisture in the lens you simply cannot use it. This is true for almost every gear that you use. Hence, it is best that you use something that is best and comes with the best features.

How to choose a best digital gear bag

Choosing a good digital gear bag is essential not only for protecting those costly and delicate gears but also your back. While you are travelling you need a bag that can keep all the gears at the right condition so that when you use then you know that they are in their best condition. Here are tips for choosing the best digital gear bag

  • It should be water resistant

The first and primary thing that must be there is that the material with which the bag is made should be water proof. Even if it is not 1005 waterproof but the key places where you will be keeping the gears should be waterproof or else its useless using a gear bag. The material of the bag should also be lightweight but thick. This ensures that the bag is easy to handle and good enough to protect whatever is inside.

  • There must be multiple compartments

How many different things do you need to carry along with you inside the digital gear bag? There are a number of them isn’t it? You have the tripod, lenses, memory card, flash, lens and sensor cleaner, batteries and many more things. Until and unless there are quite some compartments inside the bag it will not be possible for you to keep everything safely. Once things are arranged properly you do not have to dig everything out every time you need something.

  • Capability of carrying load

The digital gear bag may not only carrying your camera and its gear but also the laptop and some other items. Thus, it’s necessary that you know its load carrying capacity. You also need to ensure that you can handle the bag easily. It is best if it has padded hip belt and shoulder straps. That will ensure that there not much pressure on your shoulders or at any part of your body.

  • Look out for extras

Apart from the above features there are some extras that are always welcome when you are looking for a gear bag. Like there should be zipper lock system as it ensures that you can lock the gears if at any time you require to do so. If there is a rain cover along with the bag then it will come handy too when it rains. A tripod carrier will also come handy along with some outer pockets.

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Product Reviews:

1. Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag

Digital gear bags 1

Explorer tactical gun and gear bag is one of perfect size. It is large enough to hold the essentials and at the same time is small enough to be used at different places. With a lot of padding it ensures that the sensitive objects are well-protected. Along with that there are a number of loops, pockets and compartments ensuring that everything is at the right place. This bag is a time saver as it allows you to organize things properly.

The detachable shoulder strap is padded making it easier to carry the bag and also it can be removed easily. In total there are 13 compartments in this bag along with two carry handles. The front pockets are dual zippered and there is a ID pocket. For attaching any accessory there are elastic loops. At the end of the bag there are two side pockets that are handy for carrying any small object. The large front compartment allows any kind of large weapon to be carried along with other things. It is made up of 1000 D heavy duty ballistic nylon and thus it is strong and yet light weight.


  • It is durable for the material it is made up with.
  • Available in different colors, so different choices are there
  • The design of the bag is very good keeping in mind of its utilities.


  • The strap could be better.


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2. USA GEAR Digital SLR Camera Backpack 

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The Digital SLR Camera backpack by USA Gear is a portable and lightweight gear bag that is just right enough to carry all camera gears and yet be comfortable. There are different compartments for laptops, camera and lenses. All of these compartment are padded so that there is no problem with these sensitive items even while you are travelling. The side pockets are god enough for holding tripods, portable speakers and water bottles.

The S17 goes well along with different DSLR camera that allows the photographer in you to carry it along wherever you go, whether it’s a party photography or wild life! The padded interiors can be organized as per your requirement, thus allowing to manage the space as you like. It provides side camera access making it easier for you to handle things easily. The reinforced zipper are easy to use and smooth enough while handling.


  • The customizable interior makes it perfect for varied accessories and gears
  • It is easy to wear and carry, thanks to the padded straps.
  • Comes with rain cover trap to ensure that nothing inside is harmed due to water, the bag itself is water resistant.


  • There are some issues with the zipper in some bags.

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3. Camera Backpack, Beschoi Waterproof Camera Bag with Tripod Strap and Rain Cover Large Capacity 

71fErS4DHL. SL1000

Beschoi professional waterproof camera backpack is a hardy and large backpack for suiting all your travelling needs along with your camera and other gears. It has a capacity of one camera and multiple lenses. There are mainly three primary storage space that includes your camera, lenses and other gears that are required while shooting. The small personal items like batteries and memory cards can be kept at the top compartment, the middle compartments can hold the camera along with a small lens. The lower compartment is good enough for one telephoto lens.

The external side of the bag is so designed that you can carry multiple accessories out there. There is tripod holder, varied pockets for holing different things and also two side pockets. The material used is water proof nylon that is scratch resistant, wear resistant and tear resistant. The straps are air mesh that makes things comfortable. There is a rain cover too to safeguard the bag while it rains heavily.


  • The material used is sturdy and water resistant.
  • It is wear and tear resistant too
  • Shoulder straps are wider and thicker making it easier to carry


  • Available only in single color.
  • Different sizes of camera may not fit inside it easily.

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4. TOUGH-XL Hard-Body Travel and Storage Case Camera , Gear


The travel and storage case is just good enough for you when you are looking for something tough. The equipment case is made up of polypropylene mixture that is highly durable. It provides necessary strength and integrity. The interior is made up of dense foam that is arranged with top convoluted lid and the customizable foam core. The foam interior is shock absorbent that means when you put your gears inside it they are safe even when the case falls, by any chance! It has a solid basin pads to protect the base of the case making things safer.

The total space available inside the case is 14.0″ x 11.0″ x 4.0″ and it comes with external dimensions of 16.0″ x 13.0″ x 6.0″. The interior allows accommodating multiple lenses, camera bodies, flashes, batteries, adapters and other gears. As the interior is made up of ELE foam it can be easily customized according to your requirement. Along with all this there are 4 standard-sized padlock rings,carrying handle,easy-close latchesandhighly durable hinges.


  • Is hardy enough to protect the costly camera equipment
  • Interior space can be used as per customized requirement.


  • Being a case it may be difficult to carry.

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5. GOgroove Full-Size DSLR Camera Backpack Case 


When you are looking for a portable and stylish backpack that will protect your camera and its accessories you can go with Gogroove. The backpack is made up with high quality nylon and fabric that is supported by padding to give strength to the structure. It can be carried in different way as a backpack, as sling bag or even as a luggage as there is a luggage carrying handle.

The interior of the backpack is designed perfectly for ensuring that there is enough space for camera and its accessories. The zippers are sturdy enough and the padded shoulders makes it comfortable to carry the bag while you travel with it. The exterior too is well designed with multiple pockets that includes a tripod foot holder, bottle holder and multiple other pockets. It is easy to carry everything along with you even when you are on a safari.


  • Made up of highly durable material that makes the bag hardy and sturdy
  • There is laptop space along with space for camera and other accessories
  • Rain cover protects the bag while there is heavy rain.


  • The padding at the bottom is not that thick
  • Interior space may have been changed for making more spacious.

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6. Lowepro Flipside 300 Camera Backpack


The Flipside 300 Camera Backpack has a compact and lightweight design with ease of access in mind along with organizational ability to carry all your big accessories and little accessories. The unique back compartment entry gives you safe, easy access to camera gear when you are setting up plus extra security when you are on the move. There are also a number of outer storage panels which help you organize your digital accessories and personal items for easy access.

The Lowepro Flipside 300 also features a removable accessory pouch, waistbelt to stabilize the pack when you’re on the move and Slip Lock Accessory loops for you to attach all your favorite personal gear. Also includes a hidden mount for tripod.

What Owners Are Saying

“I own around 10 (or more!) different bags, and Lowepro is a brand I own more than any other. I have their AW Sling bag. I have a holster. I just bought the Passport Sling…and then there’s this bag. Yes, I like the Lowepro brand. I will use this bag for longer (car) trips. I have loaded this particular bag up with my Nikon D300 with an L-plate and my 18-200mm VR lens attached. In addition, it can also fit my 35-105mm macro lens, plus my 50mm and 35mm f/1.8 lenses. It can also at the same time fit my SB-700, my Focus (heavy-duty) Gorilla Pod with ball-head attached and various chargers, filters, body caps, and my Expodisk and gray card. So it fits a lot and is very comfortable. Yes, I would recommend this bag

“I did some serious review reading and research before going with this bag. In the end, I am totally glad I ended up with this one. It is full with not only two lenses and my T3i, but many other adapters, USB hard drive, even a rain slicker for those wet days. Having the zippered side against the back is also a great security feature and it takes nothing to pull the bag off of one shoulder to get at something, without the need to put the bag down. It is small enough for carry on to the plane and I have never once had to open it up through security. Well worth the $$ for this bag..highly recommend it


  • It’s nice that the zipper opens towards you instead of away from you for security reasons (protection against pickpockets). The opening faces your back. That means, it would be very difficult for someone to try and sneak into it while you wear the pack
  • Small enough to fit under an airline seat, even on smaller planes
  • Feels durable, quality stitching
  • Good looking, well constructed – definitely you will feel safe and comfortable that this bag will protect your precious equipment


  • The zipper of the main pouch does not move down all the way. While for security reasons this is good (and just so your stuff doesn’t all fall out), it does make it harder to get to your items in the bottom of the bag
  • The storage pocket on the outside is tiny limiting you to what personal items you can place in there
  • Downside of tripod attachment is you have to rest bag on tripod to access camera, so it rolls around unless you first remove the tripod. Which means if you would need to remove the tripod every time you put the bag down.
  • The flap on the main compartment does not open far enough to allow easy access to the very bottom of the bag (could be good for security reasons or to restrain klutzy people from spilling their bag contents

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7. Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack



The Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera Bag upholds many of Case Logic’s quality standards. High-quality protective padding and waterproofing in all the right spots to protect your camera and laptop. Roomy enough so that this backpack holds SLR camera body with an attached zoom lens, laptop and additional accessories. Also nice patent pending hammock system suspends your SLR camera above the bottom of case to help protect against impact.

Rugged construction with a professional grade interior and organization will take you anywhere the shots are waiting. Holds most SLR camera bodies up to 10.4″ x 4.7″ x 5.6″ with attached lens up to 9.8″ in length. Also includes storage for 2-3 additional lenses, a laptop, and accessories.

What Buyers Are Saying

“This is a very well thought out bag that really stands out from others in its class. For someone like me, who travels with their gear and does a good bit of hiking and camping, a rugged bag is essential. While the main features of this pack are great, the little things Caselogic added are a nice touch. Aside from the main two compartments (for camera equipment and laptop), the ancillary compartments on this bag are useful. I only have one gripe, and it is too minor to merit the loss of a star from my rating. With the amount of padding on the back of this bag, it’s going to press against your back when you have it loaded, and it doesn’t take long to build up a sweat


  • Molded EVA Base is semi-hard and water resistant for when you set the bag down
  • HUGE amount of interior storage. Lots of foam. Lots of velcro. You can fit a lot in here.
  • The hammock is pretty cool: suspended neoprene bed
  • Top lid features memory foam so your lens has some nice protection
  • Lots and lots of padding – almost to the point of being overdone. (Which can be a good thing – possibly a bad thing)
  • Zippers are nice and big and work easily. We like good zippers!


  • Shoulder straps should be slightly heavier considering how much you can pack in this bag.
  • Accessory pockets don’t expand much on the outside
  • A water bottle pouch would be nice.
  • While it’s a heavy sturdy bag, it lacks some accessibility

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8. Case Logic DCB-309 SLR Laptop And Camera Backpack


Case Logic was founded in 1984 in Boulder, Colorado. Beginning with just two audiocassette storage cases, they have expanded into the travel and luggage market with backpacks, messenger bags and luggage. They have a reputation of good quality in all their products. In this case with the Case Logic DCB-309, they have added in a lot of the “normal” features that the laptop and camera backpacks should have. A lot of storage, some weather proofing, and padded laptop compartment. Front pocket storage is convenient for your smaller items. Side mesh water bottle of course is a big convenience. Also includes front padded panel for additional protection for your camera.

The front pocket is roomy enough to hold your SLR camera plus two or three lenses, spare batteries, chargers, and all the accessories you would usually carry. The padded laptop area is snug and may not hold all 15.4″ PC laptops. There is a nice padded back organization pocket for guidebooks/notebooks.

What Buyers Are Saying

“The Case Logic DCB-309 SLR Camera Backpack is a well designed backpack that is classy looking and has lots of great features that you want in a camera backpack. Well designed main compartment. I was able to fit in, unbelievably, a mid-size SLR with 28-85mm zoom, huge 80-200mm zoom, 90mm macro lens, 50 mm normal lens, 12-24mm zoom, extra batteries, hard drive, case with memory cards, right angle viewfinder, small flash with extra batteries, hoods for all the lenses, and an extra camera binoc style harness. Now, it’s a *tight* fit, but it all goes in there. There is lots of padding around the perimeter of the compartment and a plethora of detachable dividers. Everything seems protected from outside forces and internal ones

However, if you don’t need or care for the side access panel, and your treks are not day treks but shorter hikes, you should definitely consider this Case Logic DCB-309 SLR Laptop And Camera Backpack – especially at one-third to one-half the cost.


  • PRICE! It is one of the cheapest camera backpacks out there
  • Sternum strap for when you load the bag heavy
  • Lots of pockets for organization, but not overwhelming
  • Front pad for extra camera pocket protection
  • Stiff construction (but not overly stiff) – holds shape well
  • Tripod support
  • stylish and light weight
  • Weather cover
  • Attractive


  • The laptop pouch is quite small. PC laptops are thick and you may struggle. It is about the size for a 15″ macbook
  • Nylon does not seem as durable as Tamrac and Lowepro packs
  • Shoulder straps could use more padding, especially for longer hikes and trips
  • Lack of BOTTOM protection and padding for when you set your bag down, especially wet ground
  • More backpacks are including the side access for quick access. This camera backpack for some reason lacks the side access quick draw
  • Back padding for laptop pouch would be nice (the part where it’s against your back)

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