Lowepro Flipside 300 Camera Backpack


The Flipside 300 Camera Backpack has a compact and lightweight design with ease of access in mind along with organizational ability to carry all your big accessories and little accessories. The unique back compartment entry gives you safe, easy access to camera gear when you are setting up plus extra security when you are on the move. There are also a number of outer storage panels which help you organize your digital accessories and personal items for easy access.

The Lowepro Flipside 300 also features a removable accessory pouch, waistbelt to stabilize the pack when you’re on the move and Slip Lock Accessory loops for you to attach all your favorite personal gear. Also includes a hidden mount for tripod.

What Owners Are Saying

“I own around 10 (or more!) different bags, and Lowepro is a brand I own more than any other. I have their AW Sling bag. I have a holster. I just bought the Passport Sling…and then there’s this bag. Yes, I like the Lowepro brand. I will use this bag for longer (car) trips. I have loaded this particular bag up with my Nikon D300 with an L-plate and my 18-200mm VR lens attached. In addition, it can also fit my 35-105mm macro lens, plus my 50mm and 35mm f/1.8 lenses. It can also at the same time fit my SB-700, my Focus (heavy-duty) Gorilla Pod with ball-head attached and various chargers, filters, body caps, and my Expodisk and gray card. So it fits a lot and is very comfortable. Yes, I would recommend this bag

“I did some serious review reading and research before going with this bag. In the end, I am totally glad I ended up with this one. It is full with not only two lenses and my T3i, but many other adapters, USB hard drive, even a rain slicker for those wet days. Having the zippered side against the back is also a great security feature and it takes nothing to pull the bag off of one shoulder to get at something, without the need to put the bag down. It is small enough for carry on to the plane and I have never once had to open it up through security. Well worth the $$ for this bag..highly recommend it


  • It’s nice that the zipper opens towards you instead of away from you for security reasons (protection against pickpockets). The opening faces your back. That means, it would be very difficult for someone to try and sneak into it while you wear the pack
  • Small enough to fit under an airline seat, even on smaller planes
  • Feels durable, quality stitching
  • Good looking, well constructed – definitely you will feel safe and comfortable that this bag will protect your precious equipment


  • The zipper of the main pouch does not move down all the way. While for security reasons this is good (and just so your stuff doesn’t all fall out), it does make it harder to get to your items in the bottom of the bag
  • The storage pocket on the outside is tiny limiting you to what personal items you can place in there
  • Downside of tripod attachment is you have to rest bag on tripod to access camera, so it rolls around unless you first remove the tripod. Which means if you would need to remove the tripod every time you put the bag down.
  • The flap on the main compartment does not open far enough to allow easy access to the very bottom of the bag (could be good for security reasons or to restrain klutzy people from spilling their bag contents

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